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    ‘Fight The Dust’

    The Fight the Dust campaign was started by former Holroyd City Council in 2014, now Cumberland Council following the NSW council amalgamations in 2016. Fight the Dust is a mantra adopted by Council that seeks to inspire the community to get informed about asbestos, thereby ensuring the health and safety of their families. The Fight the Dust campaign overarches all the programs that Cumberland Council currently promotes as part of their asbestos management and education commitments.

    Program activities

    Give your local council a call to see what services/information they have to help you Fight the Dust. Here are some things that Cumberland Council has to offer:

    Cumberland Council offers its residents a free asbestos collection, designed to collect small amounts of loose, non-friable asbestos laying dormant on residential properties. The program has been developed by Council to offer a lawful, convenient disposal solution for these small quantities of asbestos, generated as a result of minor renovations and/or repairs.

    The following conditions apply for residents wishing to participate in the collection:

    • The service is for non-friable asbestos only.
    • Only material that has already been removed from a structure and is laying dormant on the property will be collected.
    • Nine (9) square metres of material will be collected as a maximum.
    • The material will only be removed if it is able to be easily accessed by the contractor.

    To find out more, or to register for the next collection day, call Cumberland Council on 9840 9840.

    To find out if your local council offers a similar service, give them a call.

    Council periodically holds Asbestos Information Nights where residents can come along to learn more about asbestos, including where they might find asbestos in their home and how to safely remove & dispose of less than 10 square metres of asbestos (perfect for anyone considering small-scale home renovations!).

    All residents who attend each evening are given a free asbestos removal kit (valued at $100), which includes all the safety gear and information you need to safely remove small amounts of asbestos. But remember, anything over 10 square metres MUST be removed by a licensed contractor!

    If you are interested in registering to attend the next Asbestos Information Night, give Cumberland Council a call on 8757 9000.

    To find out if your local council offers a similar service, give them a call.

    November is National Asbestos Awareness Month. During this month many Local Councils will offer additional information/education opportunities for their residents so keep your eyes open for advertisements in November so that you don’t miss out!

    Cumberland Council has an Asbestos Policy in place. The policy aims to outline:

    • the role of council and other organisations in managing asbestos
    • council’s relevant regulatory powers
    • council’s approach to dealing with naturally occurring asbestos, sites contaminated by asbestos and emergencies or incidents
    • general advice for residents on renovating homes that may contain asbestos
    • council’s development approval process for developments that may involve asbestos and conditions of consent
    • waste management and regulation procedures for asbestos waste in the LGA

    How are we helping to Fight the Dust?
    Here’s how much asbestos we’ve picked up so far as part of our free collection service:





    Before you start any home renovation project get the facts about asbestos first. Fight the Dust — get informed today!

    Join the fight

    Pledge to fight the dust with us today by filling in the form below and you’ll receive a Free Limited Edition ‘Fight the Dust’ builders pack containing some great goodies (limited to one per household while stocks last). Each pack contains 8m tape measure, notebook, carpenters pencils, pens and magnet.